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Introducing the advanced walkie talkies from Topsung, designed for indoor and outdoor play and trusted by millions of families. These reliable radios come with a host of features that will enhance your family’s entertainment experience at home or on-the-go. With no call charges generated, these license-free walkie talkies are a cost-effective solution for keeping in touch with your loved ones.

The Topsung walkie talkies come equipped with a range of impressive features, including HD voice, a keypad lock, adjustable power, and an auto power saver to conserve battery life. The auto scan function and auto squelch system ensure that your communications are clear and uninterrupted, while the auto low battery alert and auto memory function help you stay on top of your power levels.

Built to last, these walkie talkies feature a drop-protection ABS construction and a belt clip with a lanyard hole for easy carrying. The LCD screen with backlight makes it easy to read messages in any lighting condition, while the hands-free communication (iVOX) and 22 channels with 121 privacy codes make it easy to communicate with one or many people at the same time.

These walkie talkies are powered by a 3000mAh rechargeable battery and can be charged using a USB charger, PC, car charger, or power bank. They are also compatible with most brands of 2-way radios, making them a versatile addition to your communication toolkit. With a range of up to 16 miles in mountain to valley, 4 miles on open water, and 1 mile in the neighborhood, these walkie talkies provide long-distance communication without any call charges.

With three USB rechargeable walkie talkies, nine 1000mAh rechargeable AA batteries, adjustable lanyards, an original charger, a USB cable, and a manual, this package includes all the charging accessories you need to get started. The Topsung walkie talkies are easy to use, even for children and seniors, with factory settings that allow you to start communicating right away.

With HD loud sound and NOAA alert, you can be sure that you’ll always hear crisp, clear sound, even in crowded places. Whether you’re camping, hiking, biking, boating, or taking a road trip, these walkie talkies are perfect for both indoor and outdoor activities. They are also suitable for family activities such as cs games, making them the perfect gift idea for birthdays and Christmas.

At Topsung, we pride ourselves on delivering reliable products and after-sales services that are trusted by millions of families. All of our USB walkie talkies are FCC certified, and we offer a “No Reason to Re-turn or Re-place Service,” as well as fast and convenient return processes and Amazon prime FBA service. Join the Topsung family and give your family the best entertainment experience at home or on-the-go.

Family Fun Everyone Can Enjoy】

Upgraded designed for kids and adults, add more happy moments for your family when camping hiking biking boating etc.
The easy-to-use walkie talkie will be your kids holiday partner and the best gift idea for birthday & christmas.

【Advanced Walkie Talkies for Indoor Outdoor Play】
Reliable USB charging radios trusted by millions of families. Give your family their optimum entertainment experience at home or on-the-go.
License free, no call charges will be generated.

💪 HD voice
💪 Keypad lock
💪 Adjustable power
💪 Auto power saver
💪 Auto scan function
💪 Auto squelch system
💪 Auto low battery alert
💪 Auto memory function
💪 Drop-protection (ABS)
💪 Belt clip with lanyard hole
💪 LCD screen with backlight
💪 One to one/many communication
💪 Hands-free communication(iVOX)
💪 22 channels each with 121 privacy codes
💪 Power by 3000mAh rechargeable battery
💪 10 call Tone / keypad tone / tall confirmation tone
💪 It can be compatible with most brands 2 way radios
💪 It can be charged by USB charger, PC, car charger or power bank
💪 It can be used to listen to NOAA all emergency weather channels and alerts
💪 Mountain to valley / open water / neighborhood:Range up to 16 / 4 / 1 miles
⚠️ Tips: The range depends entirely on the obstacles, it can be reduced from max range

【Best Value for the Price】
All charging accessories are included, so you don’t need to buy the batteries again and again.

🎄 3 * USB rechargeable walkie talkies(NOAA)
🎄 9 * 1000mAh rechargeable AA batteries
🎄 3 * Adjustable lanyards
🎄 1 * Original charger
🎄 1 * USB cable
🎄 1 * Manual
🎄 Amazon FBA service
🎄 No Reason to Re-turn or Re-place Service
√【Easy to Use Even for Children and Seniors】:All walkie talkies have been completed factory settings, you can just simply press the PTT button to talk after installing the batteries. You can also set your own main channel and privacy code via the MENU button. The CTCSS privacy code can not communicate with the DCS privacy code, for example (07,CTCSS 11) can only talk to (07,CTCSS 11), not (07,DCS 11)
√【More Than Rechargeable】:The rechargable walkie talkies have original charger, USB fast charging cable and rechargeable AA batteries, they are more economy, eco-friendly and more convenient to charge anytime, anywhere, such as charged by PC, car charger or power bank. The 3000mAh AA rechargable batteries of the USB charging 2 Way Radios have high safety and long life, so you don’t need to buy and discard the batteries again and again
√【Indoor Outdoor Play】:The HD voice walkie-talkies signal can pass through house clearly, so your kids can still talk with your neighbor child when they are at home. No more worry about your kids feeling lonely when the rain or the night is coming. The portable walkie-talkies are also suitable for family indoor & outdoor activities, such as camping hiking biking boating road trip cs games etc. It will be your kids holiday partner and the best gift idea for birthday & christmas
√【HD Loud Sound & NOAA Alert】:Upgraded squelch system will auto mute the background noise, so you get the crisp sound even in crowded places. You can also listen to all emergency weather channels when phone without signal during the journey
√【Walkie Talkies Long Range】:The high power walkie-talkies support free license and team communication. The range up to 1 mile in neighborhood, up to 4 miles on open water, up to 16 miles from mountain to valley. So you can make long-distance calls with all your children at the same time, there is no call charges will be generated
√【Join Topsung Family】:Reliable products and after-sales services trusted by millions of families, give kids and adults their optimum entertainment experience at home or on-the-go. All the Topsung USB walkie talkies have got the latest FCC certification, so we support “No Reason to Re-turn or Re-place Service”, fast and convenient re-turn process and Amazon prime FBA service, please contact the seller if necessary