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Unlock the wonders of science with the Science Kits for Kids! This gemstone dig kit is the perfect way to spark your child’s interest in mineralogy, geology, and STEM education. With 12 gemstone blocks to break open, your kids will discover 13 real precious gemstones, including crystal diamonds, and learn all about the world of minerals and rocks.

Designed for children ages 6 to 12, this science kit is perfect for both boys and girls who are interested in learning more about the natural world. The kit includes all the tools and materials your kids need to dig, unearth and explore the fascinating world of minerals and gems.

The Science Kits for Kids is more than just a fun toy, it’s a great educational tool that helps your child develop critical thinking and problem-solving skills. Your kids will learn about the properties of minerals, the process of rock formation, and how different minerals are used in our daily lives.

So, if you’re looking for a fun and educational gift for your child, look no further than the Science Kits for Kids. This kit is sure to provide hours of fun and learning for your kids and help them develop a lifelong love of science. Order yours today and get ready to dig into the amazing world of minerals and gems!

Science Kits for Kids Age 6 7 8-12 Boys Girls – Gemstone Dig Kit- Break Open 12 Gemstones Blocks Discover 13 Real Precious Gemstones Crystal Diamond Learn About Mineralogy & Geology – STEM Toys
The Thrill of Discovery: Kids love digging up and discovering the hidden treasures buried inside the digging blocks. Sukone kit contains genuine specimens to inspire any young scientist. Inside the kit, 13 gemstone samples are buried within 12 different color bricks that is of similar consistency to chalk. Using the included tools and brushes, kids able to uncover the bricks.
13 Full-color Gem Learning Cards: This Gemstone Dig kit Includes 13 beautiful cards, kids can use the excavation guide card to learn about each incredible rock and gemstone specimens. Our little explorers will have a roaring good time as they chisel away the gem blocks to discover the gemstones, such as tiger’s eye, topaz, rose quartz and more.
Easy to Dig: Simply soak the gem bricks in a bowl or sink, then carefully chisel away the sedimentary material to reveal the gemstones inside. If the digging brick is too hard, soften it by pouring a little water onto the brick and letting it soak. Experience the thrill of discovery just like a real paleontologist as you excavate 12 gem bricks!
A Fun and Educational Gift: It’s one part geology, one part sociology, and all STEM: Kids can get excited about finding cool new gems, but also about learning! It helps promote an early interest in science for kids. What’s more, kids can turn the box doubles as a display case and then teach others what they’ve learned!
Fun for All Ages: This kit is the perfect family activity, birthday party event, or homeschool project. Regardless of age, boys and girls love digging up these real treasures! Except the tools in the kit, kids can use the pen that removed refill to dig the gem blocks, this is the perfect excavation kit for a classroom or party!