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Get the Fun Going with Mini Claw Machine for Kids – Pink Color!

Price: $49.99 - $39.99

Claw machines are an all-time favorite of kids and adults alike, and the Mini Claw Machine for Kids is no exception. This pink color mini vending machine arcade dispenser is not just an ordinary toy; it is an electronic small tiny toy that brings excitement and fun to your child’s life. The adjustable sound and music options make it even more interactive and entertaining for kids.

This mini claw machine is designed for kids and is a perfect gift for girls. The compact design makes it easy for kids to carry around, and the adjustable sound and music options give them the chance to play with the machine according to their mood. The claw machine comes with candy prizes that kids can play with, and they can also use their own small toys as prizes.

The Mini Claw Machine for Kids is an excellent educational tool that helps in developing the hand-eye coordination, problem-solving skills, and fine motor skills of children. The machine operates on batteries, making it convenient for kids to use it anywhere and anytime. The attractive design and color make it appealing to kids, and the sound and music options add to the excitement of playing with the machine.

In conclusion, the Mini Claw Machine for Kids is a perfect toy for kids that provides endless hours of fun and entertainment. The adjustable sound and music options make it interactive, and the compact design makes it easy for kids to carry around. The pink color is perfect for girls, and the candy prizes make it even more fun. So, get the fun going with the Mini Claw Machine for Kids today!

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WHAT’S INCLUDED:The kids claw machine measures 10.8 x 9.44 x 12.59 inch and includes 12 plastic coins for play. The time to play for one coin is 60 seconds. A USB cable, a cute sticker, six random dolls, 10 capsule Toys, three grasping handles, one volume button and one music switch button. Powerful clamp, easy to grasp.When the doll is successfully grabbed and dropped, the doll will make cheering sound effects.
ADJUSTABLE VOLUME AND MUSIC: Volume control switch (2 different settings).You can adjust the volume according to your habit. In addition to the volume, you can also switch between 3 different music, greatly increasing the child’s finishing comfort.
DUAL POWER SUPPLY MODE: Our products support both USB cable(5V=2.1A) or four AA batteries(NOT PROVIDE) power modes. IMPORTANT TIPS: Do not use USB power supply while installing battery.You can now bring that arcade fun to your home with this mini claw machine! Kids Claw Machine Toy is just like the classic claw machine game you see at the arcades. It also makes a great gift and interactive toy for parents and kids.
EXPANDING NEW GAMEPALY PRIZES: In addition to the six plush toy we provide, you can put any item you want to grab. Small toys, kids party favors, candy. Use the included token coin to activate the crane game, then use the 3 joy control sticks to control the single claw to move it up, down, left and right to pick your prizes. 60s countdown screen to create a tense game atmosphere.
A GAME OF CHALLENGE AND SKILL:Try to grab the claw machine prizes and drop them into the dispenser before the time stops, keep focused on the prize. This electronic mini arcade game is recommended for children aged 6 and up.Three grasping handles 6 direction, left hand and right hand matching claw doll to cultivate the child’s direction balance and hand-eye coordination ability.

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