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Collapsible Beach Toys for Kids and Toddlers with 4 Buckets and Shovels

Price: $31.97

As summer approaches, many families start planning their beach vacations and outdoor activities. With kids, it’s important to keep them entertained and engaged, especially when it comes to playing in the sand. That’s why we’re introducing the TOY Life Collapsible Beach Toys for kids and toddlers.

These toys are designed to be both fun and practical for beach trips, as they can easily be packed and carried in a small space. The set comes with 4 collapsible sand buckets and shovels, so your kids can build sandcastles, dig holes, and create their own imaginative play scenarios.

The buckets have a capacity of 2.5L, which is the perfect size for kids aged 3-10. They can easily carry the buckets and fill them up with sand, water, or shells, and the handles make it easy to pour and transfer their creations.

The toys are made of high-quality, non-toxic materials that are safe for kids to use. They’re also durable and can withstand rough play, so they can be used for many years to come. The collapsible design means that they can be stored flat, making it easy to pack them in your beach bag without taking up too much space.

In addition to being great for beach trips, these toys can also be used in a sandbox or in the backyard. They’re versatile and provide endless hours of fun for kids, so you can enjoy some peace and quiet while they play.

In conclusion, the TOY Life Collapsible Beach Toys for kids and toddlers are the perfect addition to any family’s beach gear. They’re fun, practical, and safe, making them an excellent investment for years of outdoor fun. So, pack them in your beach bag and let the kids start playing and exploring in the sand today!

TOY Life Collapsible Beach Toys For Kids
EMOTIONAL SUPPORT – At an early age, children deem the beach trip as a delightful moment. The beach, described as a pure natural playing paradise, is a place hankered by kids who would not want to miss out on the joy of basking in the sunlight. Take it to beach toys for toddlers now and enjoy your summer fun.
Made of non-toxic and high-quality BPA-free material, the ASTM and CPC certified sand castle kit is built to last, double thickness, and more durable compared with other sandbox toys.
The sand toys for toddlers are not only can be used on beach occasions, but also other outdoor fun activities like snow-building in winter or any school project, and indoor activities like bathtub fun.
When kids building the different shapes of creatures with beach toys for kids 3-10, It’s also a process to foster their sensory experience, the potential ability of creativity and imagination. Kids, playing gross attention on kids sand toys to enjoy the explorative and imaginative nature instead of endless screentime.
SUPER VALUE: beach sand toy set comes with 4 multifunctional collapsible beach buckets 8 x sand shovels.Complete sand play outdoor & indoor play set, all at an incredible price! Your kid will love this sand toys set!
MULTI-FUNCTION COLLAPSIBLE BUCKETS – To make your beach trip more light and portable, we use the compressible bucket, reduce the weight of the child can also lift, the sand toy compressible bucket is made of silica gel, soft and not harmful to children. Kids can not only use the bucket for beach fun but also can be used in the daily routine like washing the car, watering the flowers, cleaning the house.
NON-TOXIC, CERTIFIED QUALITY – SAFE AND DURABLE MATERIALS: All Toy Life products are made with non-toxic and safe materials. They have been rigorously tested and certified to meet and exceed all safety standards. Additionally, we have made sure that no exposed parts or pieces can come to lose or pose a safety hazard. Our competitors frequently have these issues. Children’s safety is our main concern so we strictly control the quality of every toy.
PERFECT FOR VACATIONS OR JUST BACKYARD FUN: This set is perfect if you are heading to the beach, but can also be great toys for sandbox or backyard toys for kids.
Toy Life 12 MONTH GUARANTEE: Buy with confidence. If anything happens to your Beach Sand Toys Set within the first 12 months of owning them, we will replace it at no charge to you. Just message The Life Company through the Amazon platform. At Toy Life customer satisfaction is our top priority.

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