Tuesday, February 10, 2015


Saffron Flower in Iran
Saffron is known as one of the most expensive thing on earth. Although mainly a spice, it is costlier than gold and is quite a smuggler’s charm too. There are a number of varieties of saffron available in the market as it grows in many regions of the world. However, the worth can be different of this widely produced saffron. The worth of different types of saffron is certified by ISO which is determined by three factors, colour, aroma and flavor. It can also be attributed to the method of cultivation of this plant, procedures adopted for plucking of the saffron strings and drying them. 

Although saffron is grown in Spain, Italy, India, and other parts of the world, Iranian saffron is known as having the most premium quality. Iran contributes almost 95% of the total saffron production of the world and a mere 5% shared by all other production houses. Pure Iranian Saffron is the most intense form of this pricey spice and Kashmiri saffron from India is recognized as one of the best due to its dark colour, intense aroma and strong flavour.
Iranian Saffron
So an affair so costly, what could be the possible usage? Well saffron finds its use in a variety of arenas namely food industry, beauty products, religious ceremonies and medicines. Saffron is one of the most important ingredients, which has a significant place in various cuisines, confectioneries and liquor. It almost acts as the magic ingredient in many Indian cuisines which are known for its rich and exotic flavours. It also exists as one of the main ingredients for some of the best Italian dishes. The flavour and aroma of saffron give an unbound grandness to the mouth watering dishes and a whole range of sweets. Saffron has been known as the age old component in many of the beauty treatments. It offers much more than good hair and glowing complexion. The modern age science has diversified its adaptation in various creams like anti aging creams, skin lightener, under eye treatments and even for acne treatments. Saffron finds use in the weight loss foods also. In India, saffron is used in a number of religious procedures, in which it is primarily offered to the deities while their bath. Apart from this, it is used in religious ceremonies as well. Saffron acts as an antidepressant and its potassium content makes it a prime constituent of medicines related to heart diseases as well. Apart from this it is used for therapeutic purposes for rejuvenation and spa treatments. Use of saffron in medicines for sexual treatments and benefits is also widely acclaimed.
The numerous use of safran where it acts like a magical component and it is wanted across the world that makes it the most desirable. Although loved by all, the expensive price tagging, which even goes up to Rs 2 lakhs/kg makes its lovers shell a lot of money for its possession. Even a string of saffron is worth possessing and justifies the value attached to it.

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