Thursday, March 20, 2014

Interesting and useful properties of saffron tea

Saffron is a plant native to Europe and Asia that is often dried and used as a spice and tail . As you all well know , this spice is pretty expensive . The reason is that about 200 thousand stigmas of the saffron plant produce only one kg of the spice.
that many more would like to mention some of them.
This plant has many medicinal properties that below we would like to mention some of them:

1-Reduce menstrual pain :
In past years, saffron as an incentive to stimulate menstruation, were used in women who had irregular menstrual periods. An infusion of the herb saffron may also reduce uterine bleeding , easing menstrual bleeding and pain of that.

Of course, the tea should not be consumed by pregnant women because it has been seen in several studies to cause fetal miscarriage.

Anti-depressants :
Fennel tea is also used to treat depression . It is reported that receiving a tail or spice saffron may cause a feeling of happiness .

Cancer Prevention :
Saffron contains carotenoids and, according to scientific findings , the reaction of various carotenoids can be against cancer carcinoma , malignant neoplasms , cancer ( sarcoma ) and leukemia in humans.

Heart health :
According to studies, it has been reported that saffron Tea helps prevent the buildup of cholesterol in arteries and therefore helps in preventing heart disease .

Abdominal pain :
An infusion of saffron is very useful and effective for moderate to severe pain in the upper abdomen and abdominal. It also calms the pain killer of colon membranes .

Hypo-tension :
An infusion of saffron contains material which is called crocetin that lowers the blood pressure . So Saffron helps to prevent high blood pressure .

Nonproductive binding :
Saffron infusion to relieve irritation , vomiting , cough, chest pain , throat and stomach.

Other benefits :
Fennel tea is useful to treat many diseases such as asthma , cough , dry skin, panic attacks , stomach gas , heartburn , insomnia and premature ejaculation.
Another benefit is that saffron is applied to the hair growth .

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